Leaves on a Trellis, 2015

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For a long time now I have found myself looking up at the light beyond the leaves of trees. It probably goes back to my childhood where I spent a good amount of time in the forest. I made this image while exploring the woods of the Welwyn Estate in Nassau County, Long Island. I had left my apartment near Trenton, New Jersey very early that morning, and because of this I had avoided any traffic and made excellent time on the road. I arrived at the estate as the sun was rising. My intention was to walk down to a beach area a friend of mine had introduced me to which rests on the coast of the Long Island Sound. I really enjoyed the area and so I made a short film about what my time there that morning felt like. Afterwards, it seemed as though my senses had been heightened a bit. It was a very calming experience, yet it had the effect of making my eyes more keen to my surroundings. As I explored an area of the woods I knew to contain the ruins of a greenhouse and at least one other large structure I came across this trellis blanketed by leaves. By now the sun had risen high enough in the sky for the light to pass through the canopy of leaves above, dappling those that grew upon the trellis.

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Something I very much enjoy about this image is its versatility. It is here displayed how I photographed it, however it can be viewed vertically as well. Something those looking to hang this piece so as to decorate their home might be interested in experimenting with.

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