West Side Highway from Above, 2013 – Limited Edition, Signed Print

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Back in 2013 while on assignment photographing the first fully outfitted floor of One World Trade Center I snapped a few images of the city. While the view out over the city was stunning I was much more interested in all of the activity happening just around the “neighborhood.” Being able to look down from such a height revealed a world of patterns, shapes, and people scurrying about. It was fascinating.
It was a dreary overcast day as well and while that may not offer the everyday pedestrian much with regards to experience, photographers love it! It works to considerably benefit the black and white photographer as it gives us large, soft shadows, and a flat negative or file to work with. Black and white images made on an overcast day tend to sound like a somber piece by Mendelssohn. There is a richness and romantic quality which the clouds bestow upon the world.


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